Transform your world



Transform Your World

Make A Difference


You can be doing more – you feel it in your bones.

Where you are is not where you’re meant to be.  Your passions aren’t engaged.

But, something hold you back from taking a leap to make changes

  • maybe you’re not sure what you want, where you want to be heading
  • maybe you know, but don’t see a path how to get there
  • maybe you know the goal, see the path, but something is still holding you back from taking the plunge – undefined fears, an inexplicable resistance.

As a coach, I can help:

  • leadership coaching:  for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Business executives.  Community or non-profit leaders.
  • life coaching:  for people involuntarily in transition – job loss, retirement, divorce, relocation.  For people who are simply eager to make some changes in their life.
  • people who want to Make A Difference, and to Create a World That Works.

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