I’ve revived my personal website!  I’ve had since the mid-90’s, and fairly soon thereafter our daughter Laura began to use it heavily for her stuff, and she became quite expert at HTML and website building.  She outgrew that in the mid-00’s, and I didn’t find the time to keep it up-to-date, so I kept the URL but let the site lapse.

There have been a lot of shifts in my life lately, in particular I’ve started to teach yoga, after completing a Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu this January.  I’m also finishing my initial training to become a life coach, so another component of a new identity is emerging.  It finally occurred to me that this website would be a good place to get the word out for these new ventures.  Facebook pages for each are coming soon, and will be linked to this site.

The site is still in flux, of course.  In particular, to replace these low-rent cellphone head shots, some new ones are on the way, thanks to the expert photography of Ed Pedi of Andover.  We picked out the best ones today – he, Susan and I couldn’t decide which is best, so soon all three will emerge on this site.