I attended John’s [Third Act] coaching circle in the spring of 2015. During that time John helped me create a vision along with specific actions I needed to take to successfully achieve this vision. John is an excellent listener who knows how to create a safe and open space without judgment or preconceived notions. He is supportive and compassionate in his words, actions and deeds. NFD

John and I were colleagues years ago and I am still grateful for the advice he gave me then. He is thoughtful, honest and constructive and has unique insights. He gave me a perspective on career development that I have used often when facing the sorts of transitions we all have in our careers. His perspective has encouraged me to take chances and those chances have resulted in the growth of my practice in unexpected and delightful ways. I highly recommend John’s coaching services. MB

In the immediate aftermath of losing my job, John helped me remain calm and reframe the situation as a chance to find better options for pursuing my professional passions. He listened carefully to what I said and asked probing questions that helped me clarify what I value most in a job as well as my long-term professional goals. – PS

Coaching sessions with John Van Drie were a highly rewarding experience.
They provided a safe playground for a deep explorations, discoveries and clarity to emerge.  His skillful questions helped me sense and connect with a higher purpose of my artistic pursuit.  I highly appreciate and recommend John’s coaching services. – VN